The Savvy Sugar 

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Tregger & Penny
Tregger SMC is a red platinum with garnet eyes. He is 100% leu het and 8% cremeino het. Red coloring and garnet eyes indicate 100% cremeino het.
Copper Penny SMC is a bright red female with garnet eyes. She is 66% cremeino het & 50% plat/leu
Butters & Lucian (Mush)
Butters SMC (Resa) is a stunning mystery red.

Lucian (Mush) is a handsome pied, 33% plat/leu
Pet Only Gliders
Aiko & GusGus- These two goofballs were our first gliders. Aiko is a ringtail mosaic and GusGus is a whiteface blonde.
Louis- Louis was OOP in 2007. He was caged with Maxwell, who passed away at the old age of 13. 

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