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Here are some of our past joeys and comments from their adoptive parents!
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Rioja & Mjesto

Aren't they just Gorgeous!" Savannah Cefalu is wonderful to deal with and her babies are so sweet!

-Tammie Marie Dean-Graves

Rioja is a red female from Mae SMC and Ralphie SMC.

Mjesto is a pied male from Lily SMC and Atticus SMC.


I purchased my boy Ollie from Savannah. He has been amazing since the first day he came home to me. He is our sweetest and calmest glider. Ollie recently became a father himself and he's done a perfect job helping to raise his babies. As for Savannah she was great always updating me with pictures and videos of him before he arrived. She's also quick to answer any questions you may have. Her personality is so pleasant and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

-Michelle Rosenfeld

Ollie is a male whiteface mosaic from Akiro SMC and Meeka SMC. 



"Savannah is an amazing breeder <3 She has some gorgeous gliders! I purchased Kion My Marbled Mosaic (now progressive pied) from her. Super sweet guy from the start, NEVER has crabbed. Would recommend her in a heartbeat and would purchase from her again."

-Shauna Sidnam

Kion is a pied male from Lily SMC and Atticus SMC

Wilford and Wesley

Savannah is the nicest, coolest, most genuine person you'll meet. She helped me so much with my gliders Wesley and Wilford. She made a cage set, let me borrow a travel cage while they still weren't bonded, continuously helps me to ensure that the well being of these beautiful animals is top notch. Because she cares. She's awesome.

-Ben Vadnais

Wilford is a standard male from Lily and Atticus.

Wesley is a standard male from Sarah Hammond from Sarah's Suggie Shoppe (link)


Rosemary, Sylvester, and Caesar

"Savannah is absolutely amazing she answered all of my millions of questions and she worked with me on the payment plan and picking up the babies, all of the babies are absolute sweethearts and amazingly they don't bite much and when they do it's more of a pinch. Everyone who meets them falls in love!"

-Kaitlyn Beimert

Rosemary is a chocolate-tinted female from Charm and Nobilita.

Caesar is a chocolate-tinted ringtail mosaic male from Charm and Nobilita.

Sylvester is a standard male from Lily and Atticus.

Betty & Veronica

"We bought two little girls from The Savvy Sugar and they’re amazing! Complete opposites in coat and personality but both are sweet girls who are wonderfully social and friendly. Savannah has been a joy to adopt from and has gone above and beyond what many breeders would. If you ever have a chance to buy one of her joeys, take it! "

-Holly Orlando

Veronica is a beautiful chocolate tinted standard out of Apprize & Ralphie
Betty is a gorgeous mosaic out of Meeka & Akiro


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